Welcome To Happy Monsters' Studios

Happy Monsters' Studios is a creative design studio, specialised in designing original
web sites, graphic design, illustration and art work, for small businesses looking to stand out.


    One of our greatest strengths at Happy Monsters, is our diversity of skills and ability to combine our illustration, graphic and web skills, to give your project a distinctive look and feel.

    We are fully trained in all of the major design programs and are a properly licensed user of Adobe's Creative Suite, which includes Photoshop, Illustrator and In-Design. In addition, we are knowledgeable in a range of web programming languages, whilst our internationally acclaimed illustration skills encompass a range of style and types, from oils and ecoline, to full digital artwork.


    The central tenant of our design philosophy is to think of creative solutions to traditional tasks. Obviously not every design needs an elaborate idea or theme, but we will always offer you the most innovative and creative concepts we can think of, along with more traditional design ideas. We leave the direction your design goes in completely at your discretion.

    We also work with printing partners who can ensure that any special effects such as creatively cut business cards can be delivered without problems.


    Over the years we have served many clients, each with different needs and end goals. We are pleased to say that in that time we have successfully completed every project handed to us, and built up strong business relationships (and in some cases, friendships) with our clients.

    We offer our deepest and sincerest thanks to all of our customers who have supported us over the years, and we will strive to continue to improve our efforts on your behalf.


    Wherever it is practical to do so, we strongly believe in an open pricing system, where potential clients can see the costs involved before approaching us. To this end we offer a base price for all of our services, along with further pricing details on how you can upgrade the package should you so choose.

    We try to be as flexible as we can afford to be when it comes to pricing, keeping our listed prices as a fixed base minimum, with room for manoeuvre if you are purchasing more than one item.

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