Professional Affordable Web Design Services

As you can probably tell from our own website, where we're given the chance - and it is appropriate to do so - we enjoy building sites which are a little unconventional. We relish the challenge of creating unique looking sites, which suit the type of business or organisation they are designed to represent.

When it comes to the design, our focus is on building visually rich websites, which are easy to navigate, packed with relevant content, and heavily optimised to load fast and easily integrated with social networks.
We also enjoy using our illustration work to give each site a distinctive character, and we combine this with the latest graphic design and web technologies, to build features which will raise a smile, and draw visitor interest.

To give you a competitive edge, we will research other web sites in your area of business, and ensure your site is optimised from top to bottom for the best search results. In addition to this, we will discuss with you various strategies for online promotion and maintenance, to ensure you of a comprehensively successful and competitive internet presence.

We best serve small to medium sized businesses, who are looking for a website which will promote their shop or product. We enjoy working closely with the client, learning about the business or project, and seeing which web solution will work best in each case.

There are no hidden costs and no monthly bills to pay for the design work once the project has been completed, only the cost of hosting, mutually agreed upon third party services, and any changes needed to the site after it has been placed online.

With Happy Monsters you can be assured of a trust worthy design partner, who will work with you until you have a website which you're proud to have represent your business or brand.

  • choices


    Simple: For private customers, hobbyists or small projects.

    Standard: For businesses looking for a professional web site.

    Advanced: For businesses needing a large or feature rich website.

    SEO: For people who want to improve their Google rank.

    Social: Social media integration.

    Mobile: Mobile web development.

  • style


    Our style of web design is to build compact, user intuitive websites, which are loaded with relevant information but presented in such a way that keeps the website focussed, and prevents the visitor from being overwhelmed with text.

    We often aim to create a site's graphical appearance by building on any house style you have already established, and creating an original graphical theme around it. We like to build websites on a clear foundation, but then include exciting features which will give your site a distinctive character.

  • price


    When it comes to pricing our web design packages, we have priced ourselves towards small to medium sized businesses, who want a professionally built website, without breaking the bank. We don't want or aim to compete with the multitude of template based designers out there, and so we don't compete at the low end of the scale.

    For custom web site design, we believe we offer exceptional value for money, and it's because of this that we have made our base prices available online, just check our individual packages.

  • support


    Happy Monsters' Studios provides a lifetime of support on all the sites we design. We charge a set price if you need items changing or updating, but we're usually happy to dot any i's and cross any t's free of charge.

    Once you are a client, we will take the best of care with your website and future online promotion, and we're always happy to offer advice on anything relating to your online activities.

  • Built To The Standard

    All of our websites are built using a combination of html, css and the javascript framework, Mootools.
    All of our sites are validated against the W3C spec, and bug tested in all modern web browsers.
  • Optimised For Search Engines

    Each site we build is designed from the ground up to be search engine friendly. Every page is appropriately titled and described, whilst relevant keywords are woven into your content.
  • Cross Browser Compatibility

    All of our websites are tested to work with the major web browsers: IE7 - IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome and Opera. The appearance and function of certain features may differ slightly between browsers.
  • Rich Graphical Style

    As we are also a graphic design and illustration studio, we are able to build our sites upon a tailor made graphical style, something which distinguishes us from many other web design firms.
  • Integrated Social

    Where appropriate, we can link your site up to a wide range of social connectivity services (twitter, facebook etc.), which can keep you fans up to date, or allow you an easy way to update your news page.
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