Social Media Integration

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr have gone from being the digital glue of modern day student friendships, and are now an integral part of any businesses wider online identity. Building a strong support of social networks around your business can greatly promote your brand awareness, but more important, it utilises word of mouth recommendations to ensure that if you have happy clients, the word will spread.

If your business is looking to get up to speed on social networking, but needs help and advice on whether to tweet or tumble, then we are happy to help you develop a strategy which will best suit your goals and target audience.


The scope of social integration varies wildly between each site. Whilst a simple link to a Facebook page may be enough for one site, a full array of like buttons, apps and an integrated blog may suit another.

We will of course discuss your needs with you, and provide an overview of the abilities and uses behind each network. Feel free to follow our blog where we talk about how such services are changing how websites are developed.

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