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Happy Monsters' Network

The following list is a mix of businesses which are either a part of the Happy monsters' Network, or are projects which we are either involved with directly, or have a partnership link to.

Internet Resources

Like any business, Happy Monsters' Studios uses many resources from the internet to both learn more about our trade, and to use the assets offered by many web sites.

Prog Links

At Happy Monsters we love our prog, so when we first started out, we targeted most of our advertising at prog rock websites, and below are the sites we not only still visit, but who have been kind enough to keep our link up on their website - fellow prog heads, we salute you:

Oh wonderful - what did I say? Hmmm, well sod this for a lark - I'm outta here!
  • Now, don't you go pressing the destruct button! It's hard enough running this place without visitors constantly blowing it up around me.Thankfully for me, only browsers which support 3D transitions can fiddle with the destruct button, but I'm certain you wouldn't want to press it, even if you could!
Well nice one genius, you had to press the big red destruct button. Sheesh, well go on, press the reset button and we can all get back on with our day. Tssk, humans....