Professional Cartoon Character Illustration

The work you've done for us
is really nice, you have a beautiful drawing style. The children will love it!

Kristel Van Mileghem

Adding a cartoon or character illustration to your project is something which can radically change the overall look of your work, often providing a fuller and warmer look.

Character illustration can cover a very wide range of designs, but essentially it's defined by us as the creation of a clear and distinguishable character, for a single specific purpose.

Basically, any character design which isn't intended to become a mascot, would be best classed under our character illustration package. As ever, we will create a variety of styles for you to choose from, and will work with you to get the right look for your character, and if required, we will work with you in adding the character to the project it's intended for.

A professionally illustrated cartoon character can be as complex or as straight forward a piece of work as you like.

A small monochrome design could be delivered quickly and below the stated price, whilst a large and detailed design could run as much as triple. We set a startup price for the style sheet and a final illustration with some margin for polishing. For larger and more detailed illustrations, we then begin charging an hourly rate of €35, but this is something we will discuss with you before work begins.

Estimated Total: €200 currency calculator make an enquiry
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