Freelance Partners

With the variety of services we offer, it can often be the case that your project needs an extra touch from a specialist, and to this end we have made contacts with a selection of highly skilled freelance programmers, who specialise in specific areas of web design. Read more or less about them.


Specialist in php application
design and programming


See More is a web application studio, run by PHP wizard, Maarten Callebert. Amongst various other assignments, ranging from simple submission forms to complex booking applications, Mr10 is capable of providing entire website frameworks.

Liam Smart

Specialising in advanced
javascript and ASP scripting


See More

Liam Smart is our first choice for creating advanced javascript. Not only did he upgrade the popular multibox pop up window which is used by hundreds of websites, he helped us to create our menu and example viewer. Liam is also a highly skilled CSS and ASP programmer.

Vincent Perkins

Specialising in flash and action
script programming


See More

Vincent Perkins has worked with us for many years now, providing slick and stylish flash effects and applications. Vincent is an accomplished flash designer, able to build rich flash applications and entire flash based websites. Our first Happy Monsters site had a fun flash alternative attached, which for posterity we have included here.

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