Mascot Illustration & Design

Fantastic. What a wonderful whimsical mascot design, you've really captured my essence - thanks a lot for your work.

Dick Troll
The Trademark Troll

A good mascot illustration can prove to be an invaluable promotional aid. With one instantly recognisable character, you can put a welcoming face to your brand and extend it's appeal.

If you are looking to hire a mascot illustrator, Happy Monsters will provide you with a wide range of ideas and suggestions, based on the audience you are aiming to attract, and any established logo design present.

We can provide your mascot in a range of striking styles and poses, and thanks to our traditional animation training, all mascots will be designed to be completely customisable, whilst all the time remaining suitable to your established house style.

Our mascot design package has been put together to enable us to illustrate the most striking and appropriate mascot possible. The initial style sheet is an extremely important part of our process, as it allows us to play around with ideas, whilst consulting with you to hone in on the most appropriate look.

In the rare instances when the mascot illustration needs to be large and highly detailed, we charge an additional rate of €30 per hour, but we will discuss this with you prior to starting.

Estimated Total: €300 currency calculator make an enquiry
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