Professional Illustrations

Professional illustration is one of our key services. Suitable for children's books, mascot creation, or any sort of general project, our illustrators' fifteen years of professional illustration experience will ensure you of a high quality illustration.

Our lead artist (Chrischa Van de Voorde) graduated from the world acclaimed KASK school of animation in Belgium, with a degree in Master of Audiovisual Arts. Chrischa has been a professional illustrator for over a decade, and is skilled in a multitude of styles, as well as trained to adopt any already established style. Our illustrations have been used by many organisations across the world, from mascots for American businesses and designs for UK greeting cards, to completing full illustrated works for widely distributed children's books.

Professional Illustration work can make an excellent and eye catching feature of any design project, and we are perfectly skilled and able to work with any other in-house design studio you may have, to successfully integrate our illustration work into your project.

In addition to creating static illustrations, we are also able to turn your illustrations into animations, mostly intended for use as small animations on websites.

Belgium has a heritage of producing distinct and high quality illustration work, and this unmistakable Belgian style of illustration can really distinguish a project.

  • Choices

    Illustration is a cornerstone of Happy Monsters' Studios, with the below sections being our areas of speciality:

    Mascots: Mascot design to represent your business or product.

    Books: Professional illustration for your book.

    Character: A wide range of character illustration.

    General: Any non-character based illustration work.

  • Style

    Whilst it's fair to say that we specialise in the Belgian cartoon look, we are perfectly capable of illustrating in a variety of styles, ranging from realistic to abstract compositions. In addition to this, we have also been trained in adopting a wide range of styles, so that we can continue work begun by another party where necessary.

    We can work with a variety of paints and tools, ranging from oils to ecoline and of course fully digital creations using Adobe Illustrator.

  • Price

    For our services we like to provide people with a clear price for the work they're getting, however due to the more variable nature of illustration work and to save us having hundreds of different pricing packages, we have decided to charge a set start up price and an hourly rate thereafter.

    Upon receiving the full details of the project, we will provide you with a clear price offer for the illustration work required.

  • Support

    When you purchase an illustration, we will deliver or integrate it into whatever project you need it for - although the costs for the other project would obviously be calculated separately.

    It can often be the case that you'll need any mascot or character design to appear in different poses or styles for other projects. We will be happy to do this, and as we will have already created the necessary style sheet and correct look for the character, this will often be considerably cheaper than the original cost of the illustration.

  • Provided Style Sheets

    Every character based illustration we provide is firstly sketched out in a variety of styles. Once we have agreed upon it's look, we will provide a style sheet showing the final illustration in all angles.
  • Wide Range Of Style

    We have trained in many different illustration styles, and are experienced with a wide range of illustration tools and techniques, ranging from digital art to hand-drawn illustrations.
  • Range Of Experience

    In the past we have provided illustrations for mascots, logo's and we are currently the illustrator for three series of children's books, so whatever your project, we should fit your need.
  • Enhanced With Graphic Design

    Often it is the case that you will need your illustration incorporated into other design elements. To this end we are able to finish the illustration using Photoshop.
  • Illustration & Animation

    If you're website or keynote needs an extra animated touch, then we can comfortably bring your mascot to life by providing either a simple gif or flash based animation.
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