Graphic Design Services

The quality of graphic design associated with your firm or project is a crucial part of forming a lasting and positive connection with your customer base. Be it a logo designed to represent the ideologies and appeal of your brand, or advertising material aimed at exciting potential customers, the design partner you choose should share a common understanding of the identity you wish to establish, and have a clear knowledge of the best way to achieve it.

At Happy Monsters, we have had notable success in getting businesses started with a full branding solution. We take great effort to understand the type business you are in, and the role you wish to play within it. We will study competing businesses and discuss with you the pros and cons of their approach. Taking this research into account, we will work on creating an initial batch of design ideas for us to discuss and develop further with you.

Because Happy Monsters' Studios is a multi disciplined design studio (meaning we are trained in using a range of different digital editing programs, as well as traditional hand drawn methods), the end result is bound by nothing but imagination and suitability.

  • Choices

    Our graphic design offerings cover all the key elements of creating a successful brand identity for your business:

    Logo: Custom logo design for your project or business.

    Adverts: Print or online adverts to promote your firm or product.

    Cards: Business cards to hand to potential customers.

    Brochures: A print based way of presenting your information.

  • Style

    We have a very eclectic style of graphic design. Traditionally every design we create begins life as a sketch, and from there we will recreate the design digitally, using either Photoshop or Illustrator. From here, we will typically throw every idea we can think of at the basic design, and see what sticks.

    This way of working allows us to create designs which range from having an organic and illustrated look, to cleaner digital works, ensuring you of a wide range of choice.

  • Price

    Typically our prices are aimed at small to medium sized businesses. We usually put about two hours into creating the initial batch of sketches and designs for your approval, and from there spend another session creating the final proof. The proof will then be worked on further and after presenting you with the final design, there is typically a final round of tuning and polishing of the final design.

    Given the amount of time spent finalising and polishing the design, we feel our prices are extremely competitive.

  • Support

    We will see all designs we create through from concept to print. When the final design has been created, you will be provided the design in a range of print and web friendly formats.

    If at a later date you require small changes to the design (such as an address change on a business card) we will always be happy to complete changes like this without further payment, as a courtesy to you. Larger changes will be billed at a reduced hourly rate.

  • Driven To Be Creative

    At the heart of our design ethic is a passion for creating original designs, which capture the eye of your potential customers and brings excitement to your brand.
  • Full Branding Solution

    If you are looking for a design partner able to create a complete house style, then we are capable of providing everything from web sites to business cards, and we offer discounted rates for bulk orders.
  • Wide Range Of Styles

    As we are trained in graphic design, photography and a wide range of illustration styles and types, you can be assured that the best design ideas will be pursued, unrestrained by ability.
  • Client Driven Service

    We will work with you at every stage of development, presenting you with several concepts, and proof copies. We will continue to polish the design until you are happy with the result.
  • From Concept To Print

    Whilst we don't offer printing services directly, we have made links with many quality printers within Europe, so once your design is completed, we can help you with your printing requirements.
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