General Illustration Work

Great work on the illustrations, they are just the style we are looking for, and we have already received some great comments from people who have seen them.

Tony Batsleer

Not all illustration projects can be easily categorised, so to demonstrate our ability to create illustrations which are not otherwise advertised, we have put together this more general section.

As the term implies, general illustration can cover pretty much anything, from more real world based illustrations, to highly stylised works.

Often it can be the case that you are already working with another design studio, (or indeed are the studio) but cannot find the right piece of clipart to suit your project. Here we can step in, and design any spot graphics or illustrations necessary.

General illustration is the most difficult type of illustration to provide a straight price for, as we are specifically avoiding any established parameters for what the illustration could be.

To this end we will simply quote our standard hourly rate of €35 per hour, and offer you an expected final price when we discuss the precise details of the project with you.

Estimated Total: €35 per hour currency calculator make an enquiry
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