Custom Greeting Card Design

Yes I'm very happy with the Christmas card designs, and they've sold very well. The cartoon ones in particular have been very well received.

Linda Garré
Parfumerie Nefertari

Custom greeting card design is something we can create for any range of events or occasions. If your business would like to send out a special card to your clients and customers for Christmas, then we can provide a unique design which will compliment your house style.

We can also design cards for any range of social events, such as christening's, birthday's, anniversary's or engagements.

The design can be based on original illustration or from a supplied photograph, we will work with you in deciding on the best direction. We will also incorporate any text you supply us with, or we can write a message fitting to the occasion ourselves.

Our prices for greeting card design will vary, based on the final proof copy you choose to work from. Typically hand drawn designs will cost more than the listed price, whilst a more simple icon based design will cost a lot less.

We will always do our best to match your artistic goals with your budget, and for greeting card projects it's rare that we cannot deliver the design you want for the budget you have, it's simply a case of balancing the amount of original graphic and illustration work needed, with the use of carefully chosen photographs.

Estimated Total: €150 currency calculator make an enquiry
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