Custom Artwork Services

With our roots firmly planted in the artistic world, we are always thrilled to work on projects which require us to create original cover art.

We are experienced in creating original cover design for a variety of projects, from custom illustrated christening cards and restaurant menus, to published book and CD covers.

For book and CD covers, we always enjoy working with the original writers of the source material, and discovering the heart of the original work. Wherever possible, we will always make a point of reading or listening to the book or CD the cover is being created to represent, and we will do our best to understand the themes and ideas you are looking to communicate.

It's no exaggeration to say that we always feel privileged to work with any artist who chooses to have our artwork represent their latest creative work, and we will do our utmost to reward that trust with a standout design.

  • Choices

    We offer a range of artwork packages, which would be suitable for a range of creative projects:

    Book Cover: Cover art suitable for your book project.

    CD Cover: Cover design for your latest album or single.

    Cards: Custom greeting cards, designed for any occasion.

  • Style

    We typically start all of our cover designs with pencil sketches, expanding on each idea as the concept develops. For cover artwork, we will often sketch out over a dozen different concepts and present you with our favourite ideas with suggestions on the method we would use to create the final design.

    It's fair to say that we are most at home with ecoline paint, working in conjunction with digital editing programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, but we will always use the tools which best serve the project.

  • Price

    Whilst we wouldn't like to put a price on art, we do know the approximate time and effort it takes to create a cover design suitable for commercial release.

    We are of course flexible enough to understand that you can't charge the same for a simple icon based design as a high detail oil painting, and so we will work with you on the specific budget requirements of your project. We are also prepared to negotiate with self published authors and independent bands, to help you get started on your way.

  • Support

    Once the design is finished and delivered to you in the requested formats, we will work with your chosen printer (or help source you one) to get the design ready for print. We can also design any back sleeves or inlay booklets where necessary, and provide layout work of any sort, to help get the final design where you want it to be.

  • Wide Range Of Styles

    We can create artwork in a wide variety of styles, to accommodate any project you may have. Take a look at the range of examples linked to below, to help you decide on the best direction for your project.
  • Creative

    If you need a cover for a book, CD or greeting card, we will work with you to build up an artistic concept, based on the themes already established in your work.
  • Professional

    Composition can be just as important as the artwork used. With this in mind, we deliver a strong and appealing layout for your artwork.
  • Tuned To Your Tastes

    Because we work closely with you in the approval and proofing phase, we can constantly steer the final design to your tastes, adding last minute details to get it looking perfect.
  • Full Design Partner

    Once we've delivered your artwork, we will ensure the final design is fit for print, communicating directly with your printing partner to ensure everything is up to spec.
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