Custom CD Cover Artwork Design

The final design turned out really well. It's a quirky look but fits the album down to the ground. Thanks for all your hard work.

Dave Varlet
Totally, Faithfully, Deeply

Our CD cover design package very much reflects the love we have for music. We love to listen to the music created by our clients, and working with them to put the essence of the album on the cover. Sometimes this can mean taking the album title and creating a literal image to represent it, and sometimes it will be best to go for a more symbolic approach, and create cover artwork which represents the spirit of the album as a whole.

We also provide you with a healthy selection of concept sketches for you to choose from, at the very least they will be worked out in pencil, but sometimes we will go as far as to draft an early colour scheme, if we believe it important to communicate the idea behind the design effectively.

Our prices for professional CD cover design will vary, based on the final proof copy you choose to work from. Typically hand drawn designs will cost more than the listed price, whilst a more simple icon based design will cost a lot less.

We will always do our best to match your artistic goals with your budget, and particularly for independent artists, we will do our best to supply you with a great cover design without breaking the bank. There will also be a slight discount for clients who only need a digital cover.

Estimated Total: €400 currency calculator make an enquiry
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